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Tuesday, the 8th of January, 2019

Page 97 - Time To Dress Up
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Page 97 - Time To Dress Up

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Welcome back to a new year of Difference! My new year goals are to pump out some remakes of chapter 1 so it doesn't look so dated, and afterward get more efficient at drawing so I can go back to two pages a week eventually. There's already a remake for page 2 now, so I've got a good start. Also a goal, just keep getting better at drawing in general, because even though I'm happy with my style up to a few months ago, I still have little things I want to improve on.
Also, I've added a link to my Twitter, which I'll probably be more active on with whatever things come to mind and whatever random art I do for other reasons.
Anyone got any new goals for the new year?


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Love this story, so happy I found it. Your art's improved so quickly too, that's one of the cool things about making comics. You may want to wait a bit to start re-doing pages, because by the time you redo the first chapter, I bet you'll have improved even more and will want to do it again :)

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