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Tuesday, the 20th of November, 2018

Page 92 - Fox Hole
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Page 92 - Fox Hole

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The rest of the house is probably down underground. I wanted to base the foxes' den off of hobbit holes a bit.
So around the time I drew this year's Halloween I made a custom brush for stars, I figured I could do the same with grass. So behold the new grass! Whee!
Also I'm getting an upgrade to my cpu for.... reasons. I'm doing it myself 'cause I'm a stubborn flup and I fanboy over the chance to do fancy computer stuff. Wish me luck, because if I mess up, I risk leaving my computer a vegetable because of my inadequecy. (whee....)


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Excited for the foxes! Despite what one might think... foxes are my favorite. :) I also love that he's an artist.
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This page's backgrounds are siiiiick! This is a great page for sure.
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I wonder what he was painting.

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