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Tuesday, the 6th of November, 2018

Page 91 - The Rabbit Goodbye
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Page 91 - The Rabbit Goodbye

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Rabbits enjoy a certain amount of contactwith family and friends. Hugs are very popular. Jessica is in for the extreme contact though.
I am VERY proud of the fifth panel. Apparently I've found one angle in which I'm really good at drawing hands.
Also, any Undertale fans out there? Toby Fox recently released a "chapter 1" as a demo for Deltarune, which I became very excited about and brought out my recording equipment for my first solo let's play for months. I insist you guys play Deltarune for yourself, but if you'd fancy watching my reaction to everything Deltarune, you can check it out.
Here's a Link
I'll also be taking a week break as is tradition for the end of a scene to gather my thoughts and catch up drafting the rest of the chapter and writing chapter 3, and totally not playing more Deltarune.


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Watch out, Ruby... you'll have the scent of wolf all over you now! ;)
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Makes sense. With all the family they have, things are very personal with them and they make the effort to be close.

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