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Tuesday, the 23rd of October, 2018

Page 89 - Multiplication
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Page 89 - Multiplication

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I ended up just putting a bunch of biological factoids about rabbit wertieran in that one panel because I realized there was way more negative space for dialogue than I had scripted. So now you guys get lore AND an extra awkward gag!
But now, to important matters; should there be a bonus-extra for halloween this year? I had something for Easter and completely forgot until now, and didn't know if I'd commit to holiday specials. I KNOW what to do for christmas, but I only have a faint idea for halloweeny. Let me know (especially if you have any good ideas that are probably better than mine).


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I'll bet birthdays get expensive in bunny society though most likely profitable for those who sell the cakes.
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Back in this time period only nobles and rich people celebrated birthdays somewhat like we do today.

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