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Tuesday, the 16th of October, 2018

Page 88 - The Old Sniffer
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Page 88 - The Old Sniffer

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It had been A WHILE since I played with the darkness of evening. And the sunset -- I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but two swipes of a gradient tool later and I was content immediately. Also I don't know if it's obvious that time has gone by since the last page.
So... personal life... I completed watching the first Tom Baker season of Doctor Who? It was kind of amazing, Baker knows his way around facial expressions. Also, a Dalek origin story? Count me the flip in!
And recently after scheduling this page to post I finished writing the script for the chapter, so aha! That said it might go through rewriting later, but I have it, and now I actually have to concern myself with what the third chapter will be called, because I have no idea. Long story short, around two big scenes before Separately is complete.

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