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Tuesday, the 7th of August, 2018

Page 78 - Admitting You Were Wrong
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Page 78 - Admitting You Were Wrong

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There are a few expressions I love in this page. The bottom-most left one is my absolute favorite expression/pose combo that I've ever drawn. I can almost see movement in what looks like a tilt-shake of her head in it.
I also like the idea of hair drooping as an additional facial tell. I did it with Caine a couple of pages ago, but I don't think I mentioned it.
On an unrelated note, after Percy -- a rabbit my family got from a friend who couldn't take care of me -- died, I slowly started realizing how much I missed having a cuddle-bunny. Now drawing Ruby in sad states triggers my "needs hug" emotion. Anyone have cuddle-buds at home?

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Two dogs and a cat that enjoy snuggling.

They are deeply loved.

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Gerald Ney

One of our previous cats would whomp his rear into me at 3 AM at least 3X a week as a "I must be petted now!" move.
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This is the best page in the comic so far. If only there were more moments like this in stories.
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Caine is thinking "Stop talking and look at my abs..." lol.

He's definitely not. He's probably not that guy.

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