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Thursday, the 10th of November, 2016

Page 07 - Hang in There
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Page 07 - Hang in There

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I love it when I get to work with motion. It's great, we go out, have some coffee, and then I draw it in what I think is an incredible way. When I look at the first two frames of this page, I can actually feel the pull Ruby is experiencing. I dunno if any of you can, but if you do, awesome.
Anyway, story-wise it seems Ruby might be in a little bit of a pickle. Anyone think they know what's coming for her?


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At least she had the good sense not to word that as "Well, it can't get worse". She apparently is wise enough to know it can!
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Happy Horrible-things-happen-to-Ruby day !
Here, take this cake.

... Don't mind the poison...

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