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Tuesday, the 31st of July, 2018

Page 77 - What Makes Our Special Place Special
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Page 77 - What Makes Our Special Place Special

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Just a question here: is the rapid artstyle-change off-putting to anyone? I know I've read comics before and never noticed how much the art changes until I go back to the beginning, and I had one of those moments looking back at an older page just to confirm the "nearly every day" quotage.
Kind of asking, a friend of mine told me he wouldn't have read Difference when it first started, but was interested because of the new color and the definite improvement I've made. Wondering if anyone else felt the same?


I’ve never found it off-putting-I actually like seeing an artist’s progression over time.
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I have to admit that her place is gorgeous.
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Well, I started reading this comic on January 2017 (around the time that page 19 was posted). With "gentle monster" as one of the story elements that I look for, I followed the comic immediately; art style do not matter much as long as it is decent enough, i.e. not wonky sketches.

The recent colored style do look better overall. The only problem I had so far is when Caine first appeared in the new style: I did not recognize him or his stature- I thought he was another wolf passing by. It took several pages of friendly banter to finally convince me that he was indeed the same old Caine.
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Yeah, all I can do to explain Caine's change in appearance was the freetime drawing I did during the break I took just before I went to color. Drawing slightly altered anthros like Carla and Sean gave me practice with a better basic head shape and studying how other artists drew muscular characters helped a lot. I also realized I was compressing his torso too short. I also have a little reference drawing of Ruby and Caine together to compare limb length and such with their greater size-difference.

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