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Tuesday, the 3rd of July, 2018

Page 73 - Back in One Place
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Page 73 - Back in One Place

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Wow. It has been 36 pages since these two have been in the same page together. Holy carp.
Let me know how they look, now that they've officially been put in together with the color pallete I created that will last a while.
Also a side note, Caine's "yea high" comment is no longer an exaggeration. Ruby has become even shorter (or Caine has become taller) more in line with what I'd wanted in the first place. I found more methods in making their size differences greater, so good. :D


view MK_Wizard's profile
Ha! Love these two together.
move over nick and judy. we have cain and ruby now
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Aw, man. I was afraid people would make that comparison
I guess it was bound to happen eventually
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These two actually gave me some "One stormy night vibes" if that makes you feel any better

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