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Tuesday, the 5th of June, 2018

Page 69 - End of Shift
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Page 69 - End of Shift

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I'm loving how this page turned out. Finally I get to show off some of Ruby's skill; and some cute baby bunny faces.
Also, a last minute sidenote: I recently went searching for a notebook to write another scene on the go (I usually write it on my pc), and I found the original page I used in planning names for the main characters. In an alternate universe, Caine was named "Tex." Past-me's brain, what were you thinking?!
Also important, in that page I actually spelled Cain correctly. I have no idea what possessed me to write an "e" at the end, but I went through with it once I discovered it was wrong.


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Actually I liked the "e" from the start, and thought how refreshing a spelling. Glad it's not Tex.

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