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Tuesday, the 16th of January, 2018

Page 54 - Very Very Lucky
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Page 54 - Very Very Lucky

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I can't even imagine what morning sickness is like. Assuming it does happen every morning, would you get used to it? Like, "oh, just another thing in my schedule. Gotta vom!" ~blugh~ I hate throwing up. See, I'm really into weird psychology dealies, one of my favorite theories being the changing my mindset to force my body to be un-sick. I've done that many a time.
Also, babies? (baby?) Anyone -- uh -- anyone got anything to say about that? Boy? Girl? Bear?


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It's gonna be a baby rabbit, obviously. Goodness. Caine, Laura, don't tell me you skipped science. Two wolves equal bunnies.
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Puh~lease, that's only an ancient legend that happens once in a Green moon

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