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Tuesday, the 12th of December, 2017

Page 50 - She's Looking For You
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Page 50 - She's Looking For You

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Oh, bajeez, this update almost didn't go up; the day I was supposed to finish it I got sicker than I've been in years. But it's here! Page 50! Hooray!
Unfortunately, the next update will have to wait a wee bit, as my schedule this coming week includes the ever-fun final exams and a full-time week at work (as previous weeks have gone this way, I could use a break), but I should be back in full swing afterward!
Who could Laura be and why is she looking for Caine?


Good job with the cubs! They look cute. Looking forward to new characters ;)
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I agree with Tarmis. Roddy is ADORABLE. Hmmm... a wolf town... where have I seen that before...? (Totally joking!) Not a joke: This is all great.

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