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Tuesday, the 19th of September, 2017

Page 39 - Raging Pain
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Page 39 - Raging Pain

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Wow. Ruby's arm over Toby's shoulder in panels four and five look like she's holding the "panel-camera" away from herself preparing for a selfie.
Good thing those don't exist yet in this time-frame.
At this point in my planning of this chapter, I decided that Difference would not always give readers the full picture. I want Difference to have things readers can speculate and wonder about. Luckily, I had decided on this to include some subtle things in the first chapter as well.
LAST MINUTE ADDITION: Yesterday, on September 18, the rabbit who played a small paw in the inspiration for Difference died in his wee house. Percy was an old and sweet rabbit who I was happy to have as a part of my family for the years we had him. Now he's hoppin' his way through the stars.


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Wondering how Ruby will explain the nice job of wrapping she has. Would have been difficult to do herself... ;)

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