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Tuesday, the 13th of June, 2017

Page 37 - Leaving as Friends
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Page 37 - Leaving as Friends

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Finally, nearly eight months later, the first chapter is completed.
Now unfortunately, Difference will be having a slight hiatus while I finish planning the second chapter. That's not to say I won't still be here updating with whatever small sketches I draw between now and when the story hiatus ends.
Now also may be a good time to mention my Patreon page; you might have noticed the new buttons and such. I'm not sure how I would implement any rewards for supporters, but I have a few ideas for such.
As a final note, thanks for reading through this first chapter to what I've planned to be a wild and fun adventure. Stay tuned for what comes next!


Aww you're going on hiatus dang it th comic was just getting good *sigh* will be at least an animation of your lovely comic or dubbing

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