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Tuesday, the 30th of May, 2017

Page 35 - Double Standard
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Page 35 - Double Standard

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I was really worried about how the last panel would look at first, but I ended the day happy with its end result.
While sketching the folded-up blanket, I had to hold my own blanket for hours studying its edges for the lines I would have to draw. Not really hours, but close enough.
On another note: a new family of wild rabbits moved in near my house and every time I come in the driveway there are baby bunnies EVERYWHERE. My yard is an adorable farm.

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triforce fandom

DAMMIT another AWW-meter out of commission
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Well, the effort you put into getting reference for the blanket was worth it. It looks good.
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Eeee, this is so cute, love this

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