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Tuesday, the 16th of May, 2017

Page 33 - Thunder
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Page 33 - Thunder

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Drawing the lightning background was incredibly fun. The backgrounds for both frames two and four started as base-drawn models that were tweaked for both situations, but messing with light, shadow, and the lightning bolt itself (although not my strong suit) was awesome.
Around this point, in my pencil-drafted pages beside me, I've discovered several panels where I actually drew Ruby as tall as Caine with written reminders to the side reading things along the line as "make smol."


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Serious "Awww" on this page. Well done!
the KRAK-A-BOOM sound came from my AWW-meter exploding
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Me too ^v^
I got meter from Silver Quill when I mean "got" I stole it from him
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Confirm, is smol. And never ceasing to be adorable.

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