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Tuesday, the 9th of May, 2017

Page 32 -  Lean On Me
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Page 32 - Lean On Me

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I still can't get over how tiny Ruby is. I get nervous sometimes, because compared to Caine she's child-like, and drawing small children has never been my forte.
On a completely unrelated note, I now own two monitors. One of them is at a much higher resolution than the other, (so much so it hurt my eyes to look at it for the first few hours) and gives me a lot more room to work with when drawing. This may result in the pages becoming higher-res, probably not until after this chapter ends. So, woo!
But anyway, what could Ruby "want to?"


did you listen to the song when you title the page
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Nah, but drawing the page made me think of it
oh so will we meet the parents of Caine and Ruby
oh so will we meet the parents of Caine and Ruby

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