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Tuesday, the 11th of April, 2017

Page 29 - What Other Wolves are Like
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Page 29 - What Other Wolves are Like

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I can't help but wonder what actual prey animals think when they encounter meat. Any of them think, "dang, is this brother Charlie?"
Now here, I think the current chapter is coming into what I've been calling The Bonding Montage between Ruby and Caine, in which questions are fired back and forth. Here, with the script in front of me, I realize we're coming up to one of my favorite parts of the chapter. so yaaaaay
Anyone care to venture a guess as to what Ruby's village community is like?


Will you have them kiss sooner or later please do so
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It's not necessarily on my list
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triforce, bruh this is the 3rd time i came across you commenting about furries kissing. wtf
would you rather have a brony kiss a furry i.e. silver quill kiss caine

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