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Tuesday, the 21st of March, 2017

Page 27 - Friendly Guy
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Page 27 - Friendly Guy

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Good golly gosh, it feels like it's been five months since Ruby last smiled.
I keep going back and forth on what Caine's lips should look like. I know that a canine's lower lip has a... look to it that sometimes makes him look like he has a whole buncha dark lipstick on. This page is probably where I think it looks best.
And now with this commentary done --
*patiently waits for shippers to romanticize/sexualize end of comic page*

Edit: To those who were wondering, "Wertieran" is the name of the species the current characters are. It also has real meaning, I didn't pull that name out of the air.


@ Joshua strum: explain the term "wertieran" to the readers please
k thanks 4 the clarification of species p.s. will there be humans in this comic series? or @ least demons and angels
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Humans do exist somewhere. Just not in this part of the world

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