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Tuesday, the 14th of March, 2017

Page 26 - Questions
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Page 26 - Questions

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You've heard of being afraid of things you don't understand; maybe Ruby just needs to understand a bit.
I've already got some questions for Ruby and Caine in this chapter, but if you have any unanswered questions the two could talk about later, feel free to comment them.
Also, while adding comic keywords to this page, I almost wrote "Raine" and "Cuby".


@Caine; Quick now tell her she has soup on her check then lick her face. romantically (ruby x Caine)
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That's exactly what she meant.
how to pronounce Caine's name?
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It's Caine(Kane), like Cain and Abel? I really just misspelled Cain and decided to stick with it
I thought Caine was pronounced (Cay-Nye)
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Aw look, he's a troll. Awesome.

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