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Tuesday, the 31st of January, 2017

Page 21 - Appreciation
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Page 21 - Appreciation

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I really like the backgrounds for this page; I like how full it looks. I know they're simple (and some copy-pasted), but they look like what I want most of my backgrounds to feel.
Stay tuned for the soup-tasting of a lifetime.


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What I like is the gentle head movement of Caine from panel 2 to 3. It's quite effective in conveying the moment. You can feel his surprise and the tenderness. Well done. Also, there's nothing wrong with cut and pasting. At least in my opinion. It's a WEBcomic - a digital media - so it's just using the tools are available in the craft. The background WOULDN'T change, so redrawing it is a disservice to it. :)
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That head and ear movement, (I can't believe I didn't mention this in the commentary) it was the exact moment during my planning period that I realized I loved drawing Caine. The ear movement gives me so many opportunities for conveying non-facial emotions I've never used before.
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Well, that smoothed over about as well as it could.
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I'm not against copy-pasting, I mean, if it's the background its not a problem. ^^
But you should have draw again the rain, because it looks like the world is being frozen x)

Again, its not that bad, because we are concentrated on the characters.
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Frozen rain? I have no idea what you're talking about.
*inconspicuous cough*

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