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Tuesday, the 10th of January, 2017

Page 18 - Soup
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Page 18 - Soup

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I'll say it right here, I noticed something was way different (ha) about this page but didn't realize what it was until I looked back at the last page. My method in drawing Ruby and Caine changed drastically in just one page. There was no transition, it was a jolt, holy carp.
I do like the way they look now better though, plus the construction shapes I use to draw them now makes things a lot easier.
Anyway, soup! Who knew it would be of the vegetable variety? I did. Caine did. Why did none of you guess I am disappoint.
Just kidding you're beautiful and handsome. Both at the same time.
I'm slowly getting more efficient at drawing the fire-lighting effects, but it's still a pain sometimes. However, I think it's all worth it, cool as it looks (to me anyway)
What's YOUR favorite soup?


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Aa yeah that's something I've had happen too! Even in the space of a day I'll figure something out and the way I draw a character will just change. I find it pretty cool honestly (and I really like how you drew Ruby in that last panel especially!)

Hhh I could really use some soup of any sort right now... As long as it was vegetarian anyway. My favorite's cream of mushroom though it's always been a comfort food to me.
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Telling her that she's literally eating bait might not help the situation, though. But points for honesty.

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