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Tuesday, the 3rd of January, 2017

Page 17 - Smells
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Page 17 - Smells

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Whoa, happy 2017, everybody!
After drawing Caine in the sixth frame I realized he looked like he was drawn somewhat in the style of Calvin and Hobbes. I have an instant craving for both Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side comics now.


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CUTE wolf! This comic is already charming, and not just because of my penchant for 'wolves. :)
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I didn't intend him to be cute; I like that he is that way now, but he was intended to look tough and slightly scary.
But it is cool that the contrast between what the viewer thinks of him and what Ruby thinks he is like.
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Sorry if I made a faux pas. (Or wolf pas!) I didn't mean to misunderstand the art. I think I'm just prone to seeing wolves as cute. Go figure. ;) Either way he's well depicted and I have also been enjoying the contrast between how we see the wolf and how Ruby does. It's one of the strengths of ithe comic. Excited to see where this goes.

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