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Tuesday, the 20th of December, 2016

Page 15 - Caine
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Page 15 - Caine

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Experimented with some hand-made effects with the fire. I hope it looks nice~
This was the page when I discovered I flipping LOVED displaying emotions through ear movements. It amplifies the showing on top of facial expressions, so it's super cool. I like.
I also find it amusing, though probably not plausible on a rocky surface, that Ruby would bounce from the sheer force of Caine's sitting down. It's too cute.
And on a last note, as I type this commentary, I've discovered the spelling I use for Caine's name is 100% wrong. The question is, would you have known if I hadn't told you?


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I like the lighting effects with the fire. Especially the highlights on the fire. It turned out well.

As for the name, I just assumed you decided to spell it that way. I mean, people use variant spellings all the time.

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