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Tuesday, the 23rd of April, 2019

Page 113 - Oh Snap Again
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Page 113 - Oh Snap Again

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I'd like anyone who saw this coming to have this hypothetical cookie. You've earned it!
Also I'd like to say that we've finally reached this chapter's final scene! Not only that, but the scene that eventually defines a part of what this comic will become.
I'll admit, when I started I was just trying to get a story out. I had no idea where it was going beyond the stormy night. It wasn't until the beginning of this chapter that I knew what story I wanted to tell, and this scene was the beginning. Although, it has gone through a few revisions since more ideas came to light, the biggest part I'm excited about has remained unchanged. Get ready, 'cause here we go.


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In his defence, those sounds can be creepy.

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