Friday, the 29th of January, 2021

I'm working on this, I swear
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I'm working on this, I swear

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ummmmmmm sorry I haven't been updating like... at all lately?
I am working on Difference stuff, however a long time ago I kinda hit a blockade in my own writing that was making Difference difficult and unfun for me? That and my other vorish project that was new and exciting that I've been doing and actually making a bit of money off of.
One of my biggest problems with Difference is that I took a route that took a loooooong time to get to the action, the meat of what Difference's story was going to be. Like.... I was still in the intro. I made too many characters to keep track of and everything, I've been more and more wishing I'd introduced Ruby and Caine and then just kept it as them for the beginning.
That said, this w.i.p. is actually a new beginning for Difference. Something more akin to the adventure that I wanted the original Difference script to meld into. I hope you can forgive my absence and the fact that I'm kind of starting from scratch...
I wanted to release the entire intro to this new beginning as an entire page but
Oh god it's taking a long time.
Would you want me to keep it that way or release the intro a page at a time as I complete them?
Which begs the question... do I leave this old Difference up and move to a new comic profile?
I dunno. Been nervous about coming back to this, but excited at the same time.

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I'm not too clear on how the comicfury page-categories work, but my impression has been that you can categorize pages in a non-linear way, so that you could put the existing pages in a "First Version" category of their own, separate from the linear chain of the new version. I'm not sure, though; I've not actually uploaded any pages myself. But FOR FLUFF'S SAKE, PLEASE DON'T JUST DELETE THE OLD VERSION. I've seen that done and it strikes a blow through my heart; I hate seeing things disappear from the internet.

And yeaaaah, if this is still the intro, then you DID take a really roundabout route, hahaha. I kinda figured we were like, 30-40% in or something, haha.

Maybe you could upload the new pages one-by-one, and leave the existing pages where they are until you have enough new pages to stand on their own for the sake of new readers, then move the old ones?
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Ayyy. Good to have you back.

I don't mind if you want to take the comic in a different (puns) direction. You should make the story you're passionate about. I like the characters, so I'm open to seeing them in a different context. Either way, I look forward to seeing where this goes.

As for the rate of release, I suggest going with what's more feasible for you. I'd rather have to wait a while for more story than have it end completely due to burnout.
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Yay you're back, glad to see my favorite ferret alive and well. Keep up the great work!

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L. E.

Nice to see that you are back, I've been missing the comic.

I've really liked the comic so far so please don't take down what you posted so far!

It will be interesting to see what will be happening in the future. Just do what works best for you. Keep up the good work!

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Please, don't change a thing, it's absolutely wonderful! But if it's getting difficult for you should take a break from it and go over it with yourself. Just take it all one step at a time. 🤗🤗🤗

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For what it's worth I am not and never have been in favor of "disappearing" posted pages, it strikes me as violence to the comic, readers and medium.
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when are you going to post the next one
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aaa I apologize! Between patreon content and commissions, Difference has kinda fell on the backburner! I have been working on it little by little it's just been slow going ^^;
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I just caught up with this comic, and I love it :)

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Good to have you back!

I would really advise against rebooting the whole thing. It can be so disheartening to have something be one way, and then 100% know in the perfect clarity of hindsight that it should have been done differently. But that's just a fact of all creative media; redoing it rarely works out compared to taking what you have and simply trying to find a better direction for it.

If you write it all anew, in a year from now, you'll realize an even better direction to have taken it. Perfection isn't achievable.

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