Sunday, the 31st of May, 2020

Bear With Me Folks!
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Bear With Me Folks!

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I did NOT freaking realize it has almost been a month since the last page. I'll try to explain best I can what happened;
First, I started a whole new vore-related story (which I understand not everyone is into) that was interesting and cool and I got a little hung up on it the last six or seven months.
Second, because of the aforementioned content, I've made it to a place where I can quit my job and go full time into art, so I'm slooooowly bowing out. I put in my two-weeks notice two weeks ago, but so did a lot of people and I'm the only person at least staying behind long enough to train new people because we HAVE NO PEOPLE. At least I have less hours... theoretically. As much as we've been screwed over lately I wouldn't be surprised if that changed.
Third, I found myself in another loop of 'do I want to completely reboot Difference in it's entirety' because my new ideas were simpler and went straight into the adventure, which is what Difference will eventually become... I just over-complicated things, which isn't bad. In the long run the story will be more packed with flavor in it's content. I've worked my way out of the loop and have started drawing it again.

So, here it comes: I'm quitting my job, I open commissions every once in a while, and I've broadened my Patreon a bit again. For just a dollar a month, you can get Difference pages a month early. There's a couple other tiers, but like I said, I completely understand that vore isn't for everybody, and I can assure you, Difference won't be seeing any of that.
Thank you very much, wish me luck with the future!

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Wow. Congratulations, man. Living the dream! Your art had vastly improved over the years and it's been fun seeing the growth. Whatever you decide to do with Difference, I'll still be reading!

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